My Biography

From Then End to Anti Social, DiFiNiTiV is always pushing himself to his next limit, and exceeding it.

Writing, Producing, Singing, Rapping, Drumming

There aren’t many verbs that DiFiNiTiV will shy away from when given the opportunity. His music reflects his outlook by the way you can hear the influence of many styles and Genres.

Coming from a Hip Hop and Classical background, these features are always prevalent and especially rampant in DiFiNiTiV’s upcoming releases as well as His collaboration with Kasey Yale in Half Glass.

” i LOVE TO LOVE” is his frequent statement and one that he reinforces with the very tattoos that he sports on his arms “Love Life”.

Like many of us, DiFiNiTiV has a duality to his music. Either the song IS the light at the end of the tunnel, or it’s ABOUT the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is always a silver lining, fighting chance feeling to his music that paint’s him as one who is no stranger to pain, but quite aquainted with hope.

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Releases that you need

DiFiNiTiV has released a fair amount of music from his EDM debut “Then End” to his more recent collaborations with Kasey in Half Glass. However, the real release that we all anticipate with baited breath is the upcoming album drop.

DiFiNiTiV will be the lead vocalist and truly using this album to introduce the world to his great music.

Minimatica 2016
Retrowave 2016
Electronica 2014

My shows

House Vibes
10/12/2018 @ London, UK
10/12/2018 @